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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i Love MyseLF

Spell your name without A
♥ NuruL Dh.. huhuh klaka
Are you single?
♥ Nop i Have Bucuk HuBby
Whats your favorite number?
♥ Wahsia....Coz it using For manY Personal PassWord
What are you listening?
♥ Music.....
Are you happy with your
life right now?
♥ loving every second of it...
What was/is your favorite
subject in school?
♥ Sejarah
Who was the last person you talked to
on the phone?
♥ Mummy
Who was the last person to call you?
Who was the last person to text you?
♥ Sya..
what shirt are you wearing?
♥Not The shirt
♥ Cream
♥ never had..never will...
Other Stuff
What plans do you have for tonight?
♥ Tgk TB jek
Do you hate liars?
♥ very much...rather be hurt than be
lied to...
Do you prefer "sensitive boys/girls"
or "tough boys/feminine girls"?
♥ tough girls/sensitive boys bleh tak??
Do you prefer blonde or dark
haired girls/boys?
♥ dark haired
What have you done in your past
that you regret?
♥ being too nice...hhuhuhu
Do you have a guy best friend?
♥ yup....(Now mY Hubby La)
Have you ever kissed two people in
Did you ever have your heart
♥ a million times....
Have you ever wanted someone but
you knew you couldn't?
♥ yup...
How are things between you and
your parents?
♥ very2 good...i miss em so much...
Do you like your life?
♥ like and love...
What is your favourite food?
♥ LakSa
What is your favorite love movie?
♥ Pirate Of The Caribbean
Do you forgive or forget?
♥ if i've forgive then i will
forget...forgiving without forgetting
is not forgiving actually....
Do you have more friends that are
girls or boys?
♥ ermmm...sama kot...
Has anyone close passed away?
♥ Nope..
What color is your eyes?
♥ dark brown...kot
Do you ever wish you were
♥ sumtimes...hhheheh
Do you want to get married?
♥ yup...Dah Selamat PUn
Do you still love your ex?
♥ No..
Does your ex still love you?
♥ i dunno know...don't wanna know


sya amran said...

weih aku musykil la...
ko 'still waiting' for??

nway, love your template...
aku memula pun nak amik nih..thehe..

UyuNs NuRuls said...

tu ar...tunggu buah tak gugur lai ler..hehehehe...tunggu baby hehehehe ko doakan tau ...