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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

BeFore SleP...

Do you have any special talents?
.: dun think so..

Do you regret anything about your past?
.: yes.

Do people ever mistake you for being a
different race?
.: yezza

Do you collect anything?
.: not anymore..

Would you tattoo someone's name on
your body?
.: don’t want ..

What do you worry about the most?
.: m i going to survive my Life In Future

Do you have any friends
with "benefits"?
.: i hve frens who helped me a lot ( but nop for the benefiT)

Where were you last night?
.: in house..watching tv..(Sinderella...FuNny AmaNi )

Who were you with?
.: My BuCHuk HubbY

How old were you when you moved out of
your parents house?
.: 25 SinCe GettIng MerriEd

Who do you miss right now?
.:My BestFrenZ EchA ...( RakaN GoSsIp hehehe)

Are you drinking anything?
.:yes. Air Kuat HUahhaha

Do you have any weapons for personal
.: nope tak De La

What is the last restaurant you ate at?
.: Erm...GerAi PisaNg GorEng

What is your favorite fruit?
.: Epal, JAmbu..PisAng..Eh BanyAk la...

Do you believe "Once a cheater, always
a cheater"?
.: Er. BeliEve It Or Not...heheh

Do you sit on public toilet seats?
.: depends..

What is a goal you would like to
complete this year?
.: get a KenAikAn GAji anD Better LiFe WiF FamilY

Last person you had an arguement with?
.: sedangkan lidah lg tergigit.. haha

Have you ever ran away from home?
.: nope

Where were you 2 hours ago?
.: Doing My woRk..

Are you listening to music?
.: yess...usInG HeAdFone

Describe the shirt you are wearing?
.:Not The TshirT .

Do you know anyone named Bob?
.: yup..1 of my frendz..

What is your favorite candy?
.: erm tiade yg specific

Do you take your daily vitamins?
.: Ader La....

What color is your vehicle?
.: golds

What do you think about the president?
.: which president? umno? bush?

What are your favorite pizza toppings?
.: SoseJ+chicken

How much money do you have on you?
.: DaH UjunG bUlan ..iSk isk

When did you last go swimming?
.: CutI wesaK Days ..Gunung Ledang ..

What is your greatest fear?
.: almighty god..

If you had the opportunity to open a
store, what would you sell?
.: Jual Poko Bunge hehe

What did you last cook?
.: Erm..last SatuRdaY

Do you have over 200 MySpace friends?
.: hah myspace pnye survey la ni.. xde2

What is your favorite of
furniture you own?
.: Kings SiZe Katill...huhuh

Where is your favorite place to eat?
.: anywhr KeDai yg Sedap

Where are you Now?
.: Opis...HHuhuh ( nguLor..)


sya amran said...

aku pun rinduuu kat ko!


sya amran said...

kenapa suke sangat king size katil tuh?
eheheheh :P

UyuNs NuRuls said...

sukerrrrrr sngat leh golek2 tak der la jatuh katil huakhuakkkkss...