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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tag Dari dak Echa....

Dak ecah ni saje suh aku rerajin menulis pepagi ni

Rules and regulations:
Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 100 truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. Tagged means "I'm interested in knowing what are your 100 truths".

1. Real name: Cahaya Korban ( bukan untuk dikorban kan yek kawan2 )

2. Nickname (s): u'ul, yun,nurul,ad, adha @ along

3. Zodiac Sign: LibRA Gegirl

4. Male or Female: Female

5. Elementary School: Sek Keb Jasin....( Sebelah umAh jek )

6. High School: Sek Iskandar Shah Jasin And Sek Men kEb Tun mAmAt TangkAk (Sile la goggle kalo nak tahu dimana )

7. College: IKM Sg PetaNi,UTM KL,EDI KL

8. Hair Colour: BlAck...Belum White lAi

9. Tall or short: Tall

10. Sweats or Jeans: JEANS la

11. Phone or Camera: BotH .....

12. Health freak: NopE ..

13. Orange or Apple: BotH

14. Do you have a crush on someone? NopE ...PAss iS pAss

15. Eat or drink? BotH ...but More to drink

16. Piercings: KureNG

17. Pepsi or coke: coke...


18. Been on an airplane: yup Lama Sudah

19. Been in relationship: yes...WitH my HubbY nOw

20. been in a car accident: NopE mintA dijauhkAn

21. Been in prison: NopE


22. First piercing: NoT remember la

23. First best Friend: Urm Lupa da nama dia da lost contact

24.First award: hurm pun da lupa ....heheh (Pelupa da aku nI )

25. First crush: -

26. First Word: lai la tak ingat hahhaha


27. Last Person you talked to in person: Ngan Budak Practical ni

28. Last person you texted: Kak Ayu

29. Last person you watched a movie with: HubbY > Hantu kak LimAh balik Umah huuhuh

30. Last food you ate: nasi LemAk

31. last movie you watched: 3 idiot ( Astro fiesta )

32. Last song you listened to: ItulAh Sayang - The Ramless

33. Last thing you bought: Hp huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....sad

34. Last person you hugged: Akido


35. Food: Segala FamilY tom Yam ....Laksa

36. Drink: Limau Nipis...plain water

37. Bottoms: Kat umah jek

38. Flower: Semua ....tapi best lai coklat

39. Animal: Cat ...FISH

40. Colours:Purple ( As my zodiac say ), Green

41. Movies: banyak nau la...mmmm fav, Men In Black!!, Harry Potter series, LOTR, Shrek, UP, Lion King, Transformer, setem, Despicable Me, dan banyak lagi..xleh mikir dah ni...

42: Subjects: SejArah

(Put an x in the brackets if yes)

43. [x] fell in love with someone
44. [ ] celebrated halloween
45. [x] had your heart broken
46. [x] went over the minutes/texts on your cell phone
47. [x] had someone question my sexual orientation
48. [x] got pregnant. of course got akido
49. [ ] had an abortion
50. [x] did something i regret . nobody perfect
51. [x] broke a promise
52. [x] hide a secret uhuhuhu
53.[x] pretended to be happy
54. [x] met someone who changed your life
55. [x ] pretended to be sick.
56. [ ] left the country
58. [x] cried over the silliest thing
59. [x] ran a mile. LARIKKKKKK
60. [ x] went to the beach with your best friend mase muda (skrg muda lai hahah)
61. [] hated someone.
62. [ ] stayed single for two years.


63. Eating: No Working but nguloring hhahhah

64. Drinking: Nop

65. Listening: Nop Sunyi Sepi Opis ni

66. Sitting/ Laying: Sitting on chair la..

67. Plans for today: BetulKAn Spec mata ...Akido patah kan

68. Waiting:No


69. Want kids?: Nak Nak ....

70.want to get married?: dah

71. career: Became Better person...and get the better offer

72. Lips or eyes: eyes..

73. shorter or taller: tall la ...

74. romantic or spontaneous?: SPONTANEOUS..tak romantik sngt

75. Hook up or relationship: relationship

76. Looks or personality: personality


77. Lost glasses/ contacts: baru jek jadik

78.Killed somebody?: not ever nyamuk banyak kali

79. Broken someone's heart: ade ....cite lama

80. Been in love: penah...huuh boleh ckap banyak kali tak hehehe

81. Cried when someone died: ada...


81. Yourself: yes.

82. Miracles: yes

83. Love at first sight?: yes hehhee

84. Heaven: yes..sngt suke

85. Santa Claus: tah tak kot

86. Sex on the first date: not still remember ALLAH

87. Kiss on the first date: see my above statement.


88. Is there one person you want to be right now:akidO

89. Do you know who your real friends are?: yup...

90. Do you believe in God?: Yes. One and only Allah s.w.t.

91.Post as 100 truths?: 91 Jek

hehhe..thanks to ecah hehehe
Nak tag saper....saper nak tag sendili la ek

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